Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Have a Nescafé Christmas

Hey kids, we get to eat this Christmas! Below you can see what this drawing was used for.

There’s more Christmas cheer in a new song from John Dog, Uncle Eddie has fun with Christmas curmudgeons, and the Telegraph has photos from last year’s celebrations in Helmand, via the SWJ.

Finally, with only a week left to the end of the UN mandate authorising foreign troops in Iraq and the full assumption of sovereignty by the democratic government of Iraq, in short victory for Iraq,  Scrooge gets to write a miserable Christmas editorial for the New York Times.

The only thing worse than the editorial is the sack of miserly comments in response. Meanwhile Mick Hartley posts an excerpt from a commentary by Michael Young of Lebanon’s Daily Star on Arab attitudes to Iraq and America: The Pervasive Desire to See Bush Fail in Iraq. He could just as well be describing leader writers and readers of the Gray Lady.

Happy Christmas! 

The drawing as it appeared in a TV ad, directed by Charlie Paul for Itch Film.

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