Friday, 4 September 2009

Cartoon wars continue

On the latest Dutch cartoon prosecution, this time a Holocaust denial drawing, Freeborn John gives equal treatment, which is not to say the cartoons are equal in intent. He writes:
The cartoon above is plainly a Holocaust denial. This is as intellectually negligible and contemptible as the belief that the earth is flat. But neither viewpoint should be illegal. So I publish it not because I agree with it or like it, neither is the case.
The Utrecht prosecutor's office said the cartoon case is complicated. “There is no doubt that the Danish cartoons can be offensive,” a spokesperson said. “But according to us, the Holocaust cartoon crosses the line.” Because that line between offensive and discriminatory is so thin, the prosecutor thinks it is up to a judge to decide.
Earlier cartoon wars here.


ModernityBlog said...

It was a very poor decision at HP to re-publish these cartoons on specious libertarian grounds.

kellie said...

I think publishing or linking to it on information/journalism grounds makes sense, as it helps to understand the story if you see the drawing. Another exhibit for the ever-growing museum of dull-witted bigotry.

While I think it's arguable that the cartoon amounts to incitement to hatred, legal prosecution seems strategically flawed, the disadvantages outweighing benefits.

ModernityBlog said...

Sorry, but head lining the article with "Defend the AEL" was an error.

Still, worst was defending the re-publishing of these racist cartoons on the basis of dodgy arguments, which sets a precedence for *others* to use such an approach when advancing racism and their own agendas.

If the cartoons had been published as a salutary lesson on the dangers of racist cartoons and why they should be avoided, that might have been something, but instead they were pushed out under the envelope of libertarianism.

That selfsame libertarianism will allow the far right to publish racist filth and point at HP, saying they did it too.

It sets a very bad precedence and was foolish.

kellie said...

I can't find anything to argue with there, Modernity.