Saturday, 4 September 2010

Anti-war and anti-peace protesters in multiple missile launch

Missiles miss target. From The Guardian:
Skirmishes broke out between protesters and police at the first public signing for Tony Blair's memoirs, with shoes and eggs hurled at the former prime minister.

Four men were arrested and charged with public order offences for their part in the protest this morning outside Eason's bookshop on O'Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland, which involved anti-war demonstrators and the Continuity IRA-aligned Republican Sinn Féin, who oppose the Northern Ireland peace process.
Protesters were outnumbered by paying customers, according to BBC News.

Mr Blair also appeared on Irish television during his visit, on The Late Late Show, more of a razzle dazzle affair than the earlier BBC interview, and with nicer looking chairs too.

Terry Glavin has reaction from Ulster Unionists: A Legitimate And Peaceful Request For Cheddar Cheese And Pineapple On A Stick.

Added Monday: Norm attempts a theory of Blair-hatred, and James Bloodworth shows it’s possible to write a list of Blair criticisms that doesn’t mention the war. On the Iraq war, General Dannatt reiterates his own criticism of Blair, a rather different one to that of the protesters.

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