Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I blame Bonnie and Clyde

Another week of anti-establishment and anti-imperialist apologists for political repression, political violence, and alleged sexual violence, and whatever else it takes to stick it to the man . . .

On Friday The Guardian published sexual assault allegations against Julan Assange, central to which were assertions that he deliberately and repeatedly had unprotected sex with women contrary to their wishes. Bizarrely self-described feminist Naomi Wolf read this and saw only consent, as she says in this TV debate with Jaclyn Friedman. Wolf had earlier ridiculed the two women alleging assault.

Then there’s Michael Moore who described the allegations as “lie and smear” when interviewed by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC’s Countdown. And Mr Olbermann has turned out to be quite a spectacle himself, retweeting a link from Assange supporter Bianca Jagger to a piece written by Holocaust denier Israel Shamir naming both women in the case and alleging a link between one of the women and the CIA. Finding himself criticised as a result, Olbermann reacted in a rather extreme manner and has since kept on digging.

What else? Michael Moore found he didn’t like it much when his own name turned up in a WikiLeaked cable on Cuba, and protested that The Guardian had the story wrong. Terry Glavin tells just how wrong the story was, and putting it right gives no credit to Moore.

Oh, and conspiracy theorist Israel Shamir turned out to be not just an Assange supporter but WikiLeaks’ man in Russia. Bizarrely for a representative of an organisation supposedly devoted to fighting corrupt government, he popped up in Belarus making excuses for the regime’s brutal crackdown on opposition activists.

Modernityblog, a WikiLeaks supporter, finds himself stunned that somebody as internet savvy as Assange hadn’t thought to Google Mr Shamir before getting involved with him. Perhaps that’s because Assange has been too busy Googling himself.

Added: apologies, how could I have left out John Pilger?


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