Saturday, 4 December 2010

Need some Scratch?

A small sampling of some early work by Ireland’s super-cartoonist Scratch, AKA Aongus Collins, from In Dublin magazine, 1986-’87.

The last one an illustration for an event in the magazine’s Noticeboard listings:

Copyright © Aongus Collins.


Aongus said...

Kellie, thanks for posting my cartoons. In hindsight the 1980s were dire, but at least we managed to avoid having to call the IMF in.

On a happier note, I love the bird drawings you've been posting lately. Great draughtsmanship, great character and a sinister charm!


kellie said...

Hi Aongus, it's been a pleasure looking back at your work from then - it's as fresh as ever. And brutality hasn't gone out of fashion yet! The new site is very nice by the by.

On the old and new bad times, I was just looking at this clip of John W. from four years ago looking back a further twenty years, irony upon bitter irony.

Aongus said...

Thanks for the Waters link -- a classic. He had one great line. Asked what he would say to his younger self, he reckoned they would have communications difficulties. "He would think I didn't know anything, and I would know he didn't know anything."

I felt the same looking at those earlier cartoons -- I didn't realise at the time how violent they were. I know I didn't know what I was doing (and in all likelihood still don't!).