Sunday, 19 December 2010

Wild Oysters

Here’s Wild Oysters by Charley Bowers. Originally there was a better YouTube copy embedded at the top of the post, but it ain’t there no more. If anyone finds a sharper version online, give a holler!

See also Believe it or Don’t at Europa Film Treasures for your poultry portion du jour, and more besides.

Added, thanks to Paul, Pete Roleum and His Cousins from 1939, animation by Mr Bowers, direction by Joseph Losey. This was a promotional film about the oil industry made for the New York World’s Fair. It’s a little hard to understand in places because when it was originally shown, a live actor in the theatre would engage the animated figure in conversation, and the live part of the dialogue is now missing.


Maxim said...

That ending is pure David Cronenberg.

kellie said...

When Bo was about three or four years old, he was near-obsessed with the Charley Bowers short Pete-Roleum and His Cousins, a quite odd infomercial for the oil industry.

Maxim said...

Just tracked it down. You neglected to mention it was directed by Joseph g_d-damn Losey!