Thursday, 10 February 2011

The regime sheds its skin?

Breaking via Lindsey Hilsum of Channel 4 News, Lyse Doucet of BBC News. More at NY Times Live blog and EA WorldView live blog.

Wael Ghonim tweets, “Revolution 2.0: Mission Accomplished #Jan25,” but from past experience, the phrase “mission accomplished” means “real fight just beginning.”

Highter Military Council statement.

Context: At PRI’s The World, Robert Springborg of the Naval Post-Graduate School in Monterey outlines the persistence and depth of the military’s political control of Egypt.

Update: So Mubarak spoke, “like a father to his children”. Abu Muqawama comments, “well, I think we can all agree that speech will calm everyone down,” and Abu Aardvark looks at options for responding to the worst speech ever.

Robert Springborg, via Reuters:
It’s an enormously provocative step. There are desperate men, willing to gamble the fate of the nation for their own personal interest. It's a very sad historic moment for Egypt.

The speeches tonight are not intended to bring an end to the crisis in a peaceful way but to inflame the situation so there is justification for the imposition of direct military rule. They are risking not only the coherence of the military but even indeed, and I use this term with advisement here, civil war.

I think it needs to be made perfectly clear (by outside powers) that Mubarak and his regime are forfeiting Egypt’s future. Egypt is in an economic crisis. It is going to have to be bailed out and the short answer to what they are doing now is that it will not be bailed out with anything like a military regime in place that is associated with Mubarak, Omar Suleiman and these people who are part of this regime.
More reactions.

In the Maxwell Smart department, this from FP’s The Cable:
CIA Director Leon Panetta was forced to clarify his statement earlier today when he said, “I have heard there's a strong likelihood Mubarak will step down this evening,” explaining that his comment was based on news reports, not intelligence data.

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