Sunday, 20 February 2011

Revolution Overload

in Libya, Bahrain, and Iran, Iran, Iran.

Above, Bahrain roses in bloom, photo by Amira Al Hussaini of Global Voices, via Twitter.

For breadth and depth of coverage, EA WorldView continues to stand out, with live blogging today on Libya, Bahrain and beyond, and a dedicated live blog on 1 Esfand protests in Iran.

Specialist blogs well worth your time include The Arabist and Tehran Bureau.

Amongst Iranian expatriates, I recommend Pedestrian, Neo-Resistance, and Azarmehr’s blog.

In case it needs saying, I don’t agree all the time with everything in all the above blogs, but then it wouldn’t be very interesting if I did.

Some recent posts by favourites of this blog:

Terry Glavin, “Do not kill your brothers and sisters. Stop the massacre now” and Day of Reckoning In Iran?
ModernityBlog, Meanwhile in Iran, Live Ammo, 1969, and Libya, and Iran and Bahrain, What Do They Have in Common?
Bob from Brockley, Mid-week miscellany, and not unrelated, “Progressive London”: A Popular Front for reactionaries.
Shiraz Socialist, Solidarity with workers in Egypt and across the Middle East, and When some on the UK “left” supported Gaddafi – and accepted his money.

For the total revolution overload experience, follow some of the people I’m following on Twitter.

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