Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Live coverage of Egypt from BBC News, The New York Times, EA WorldView, The Guardian. Al Jazeera’s live stream.

Danger Room: Horses, Camels, Rocks, Molotovs: Egypt’s Thug Tech.

CNN reports attacks on ambulances, intimidation of doctors, Cairo hospital: Ambulances rolling nonstop; menacing crowd outside.

Committee to Protect Journalists: Journalists under physical assault in Egypt.

It’s not orderly, it’s not stability, it’s not working. ABC News on frustration in the White House: President Obama ‘Very Concerned’ About Mubarak Delaying Transfer Of Power.

Jeffrey Goldberg: The Neocons Split with Israel Over Egypt, via HP.

Also at Harry’s Place, Perspectives on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which links to a number of arguments, and a news story I’ve been waiting for - Avi Issacharoff writes in Haaretz, Hamas worried upheaval in Arab world will spill into Gaza:
Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip are concerned about the effects of the upheaval in the Arab world, as Facebook messages call on Gaza residents to demonstrate against Hamas rule on Friday.

Several thousand people have joined the Facebook group calling for a protest against Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip. Another Facebook group is calling for protests against the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Far fewer people have expressed interest in that page, but Palestinian leaders in the West Bank also recognize that the protests in Tunisia and Egypt could spill over into Palestinian territory.

In what seems to be an effort to hold off possible demonstrations, PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said the Palestinian Authority will hold municipal elections in the near future, and senior Fatah officials said they are considering general elections as well.

In Gaza City, Hamas police used force earlier this week to disperse a small rally showing solidarity with Egyptian protesters. Police officers dressed in civilian clothing arrested six women and detained some 20 others, according to Human Rights Watch.

The women were taken to a police station, where policewomen insulted them and slapped one of them during an interrogation, according to the report. The protesters were told not to demonstrate again without Hamas police authorization.

ModernityBlog has a round up of blog analysis, opinion, and speculation: Egypt, What Will Happen Next?

Bob from Brockley is on a million link march: Freedom’s Flame.

All Egypt posts here.

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