Friday, 7 September 2012

For Sale - a Patent Burglar-Rattle

A short early comic strip by William’s slightly less famous brother, Jack B Yeats.

For Sale - a Patent Burglar-Rattle
(1) The inventor made a new mammoth police-rattle.

(2) The rattle ready, the inventor waited for a burglar.

(3) The burglar came, and the inventor pressed the button.

(4) But that rattle was too powerful. It simply rattled the inventor clean out of the window, while the burglar decamped with his booty.

The strip was published in issue No. 198 of Chums, dated June 24, 1896. You can read more about Yeats’s comics career at The Irish Comics Wiki. He’s now better known for his paintings.


jams o donnell said...

I never knew Jack Yeats was a comic strip illustrator. Live and learn!

kellie said...

The drawing is nice, but the humour seems quite forced, doesn't it? From what I remember of the Irish National Gallery collection, the best of his later work had a strong imaginative melancholy. Maybe he wasn't really cut out for light humour.

Now to dig out Edvard Munch's early flopsy bunny kiddie comics..