Monday, 12 January 2009

Targeting civilians in Odense 2

Following the attempted murder of two Israelis running a stand selling beauty products in Odense, Denmark, George Galloway has called for similar “Israel shops” in the UK to be “shut down”. More at Harry’s Place.

Also, as mentioned in the comments, Slugger O'Toole reports on the targeting of one of these stands in Belfast.

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Francis Sedgemore said...

But he's not calling for the shopkeepers to be to killed. For this I guess we should be grateful to the Honourable Member for Bethnal Green and Bow.

kellie said...

Yes, I am sure he has every concern for the safety of the shopkeepers.

Roland Dodds said...

After listening to George Galloway’s interview with Oliver Kamm and then this, it only reaffirms the mental midgetry that is the fat, blotted MP from Bethnal Green and Bow.

What a freaking disgrace.

kellie said...

Also last saturday, Slugger O'Toole reported on targeting of shopkeepers in Belfast.

kellie said...

Also notable in Galloway's speech was his call for revolution in Egypt, and the crowd's response to it. If one is looking for things to worry about beyond the current events, that seems a good place to find them.

(Earlier related post on Egypt and Gaza.)