Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Under a bushel

Relief for the eyes after all that reading: a detail from my cover design for The Chesterfield Arrangements, a CD of Raymond Scott tunes recorded by The Metropole Orchestra and featuring The Beau Hunks Saxtette. 


Roland Dodds said...

Another fine piece. I’ll look out for the CD, and see if it makes it to anywhere near me.

kellie said...

Thanks, the CD is actually from quite a few years ago. I don't expect you'll find it in your local shop. Better try the label or Amazon.

Here's The Metropole Orchestra on YouTube playing something more contemporary with Popduo Bauer.

I like your new profile picture!

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful. There is something about "old school aeronautical machinations" that I cannot get enough of, especially in the context of childrens literature, which always makes me nostalgic. Well done.

kellie said...

Hey, you've got a new domain name! I see major opportunities for growth in an unemployeddad.com portal - well, off to update the blogroll I go.