Sunday, 19 April 2009

Holiday postcards, unopened mail . . .

A Journey Round My Skull writes ‘wish you were here’ with photochromosomes.

While I was away, Terry Glavin read George Galloway’s mail, a story also covered at Harry’s Place.

Also from Terry Glavin, the killings of Sitara Achakzai and Karine Blais, remembering Safia Amajan and Malalai Kakar.

But as for this easter singsong, I prefer his fellow Soak’s footnote.

When Bob from Brockley came home from a few days away there wasn’t just unopened mail in the hallway, the neighbors had moved in as well. Also worth some time, his earlier post on protesting and policing.

Noga links to a Z-word post on Jeremy Bowen, the BBC, and bias on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, of which more from Harry’s place in one, two, and three posts, and some dissent from Oliver Kamm.

I’ve read the talk with Thomas Ricks but am still working my way back through Michael J Totten’s posts from the last week.

And Flesh has been typing furiously, but I must sleep sometime!

As for Abu Muqawama, I was already struggling to keep up before the holiday - what hope now?

Perhaps I’d better let the rest of the world carry on spinning without me awhile, and stay focused on more personal concerns. Starting with Uncle Eddie’s advice on how cartoonists should dress.


fleshisgrass said...

Yes, we both should sleep more. I kept an eye out for your missing paintings while I was on holiday in the Dales. Didn't find em yet though.

kellie said...

Well I suppose they could as easily be there as anywhere. Thanks for watching out!