Sunday, 24 May 2009

Beyond wooly thinking

This post on immigration is the strangest thing I’ve seen on Harry’s Place; beyond wooly thinking, beyond mushy logic, it’s complete toxic sludge.

The fanaticism feared by the voices in the post and its comments thread, this fanaticism that they seek to counter by restricting immigration, it is a fanaticism that opposes openness, that opposes the modern globalising world, that wishes to restrict populations behind barriers.

It will not be defeated by raising more barriers, it will be defeated by the spread of enlightened principles of science, critical thought, democratically accountable rule of law, universal human rights.

Migration, along with communications technology and global trade, drives the expansion of these ideas. Global migration is a far greater threat to the dead-end ideological fanatics than it is to open societies.


Oscar Grillo said...

Plenty of this shit around!

kellie said...

There are two comments very late in that noxious thread by someone posting as 'stringer bell' that I do like.

A snippet:

- Isn’t the demographic argument, i.e. the majority of US will speak Spanish / UK will be muslim in xx years, just a mis-reading of statistics, assuming that you can extrapolate from numbers to project quantitive demographic change without actually considering the qualitiative, i.e. that the second and third generations become more integrated by default?

Most people in this thread seem very scared of young Muslims turning to fundamentalism but its all anecdotal stuff. What about all the young Muslims who are becoming more secular? Which group is bigger? My instinct and experience from living the last 10 years in Tower Hamlets is the latter, despite the visible rise of some extremist groups.