Friday, 8 May 2009

Delicious and galoshes

Take the hear
out of your air
so you can hair
what I’m seeing.
A Times Higher Education Supplement illustration from late in the last century. If you’re feeling flush, Denis Kitchen has some drawings of mine from that time for sale on his site. A tip: the black and white ones may be the better deal, as a lot of my colour work from the THES days was rendered with Talens dyes which are prone to fade if exposed to sunlight for too long. My current work is all acrylic and more light-fast.

And now, some links . . .

Abu Muquwama on the fighting in Swat: Control and Collaboration.
(Related, from BBC News: Cynicism among Pakistani refugees.)

Information Dissemination on a USN strategy for dealing with piracy: run away.

ModernityBlog on certain weird-left attitudes to Ahmadinejad: he’s a racist, but-

David T of Harry’s Place on Geert Wilders: Enemy of Liberalism.

Azarmehr has too many interesting posts from the past few weeks for me to link to just one.

None of your elephant percussion ensembles from Thailand here: Jams turns up the volume for his seven songs.

Update - a few more . . .

William Wray has a post all about reds.

More music from Mick Hartley: The Tan Canary.

Some numbers from Strangers into Citizens: the costs (12.7m euros) and gains (190m euros) of the 2005 Spanish regularisation process for immigrants.

A little conversation between some old boys of Hollywood:
- We always used to wear jackets and ties in the industry, but now you look like you’re shot out of a cannon, that’s the look you want. You should have holes in your knees there and everything.
- I got holes in my knees, but they’re covered!


jams o donnell said...

Wonderful work. f I were flush I would be buying more than one example of your work right now!

kellie said...

thanks jams. of course the poor gaels could never afford such frivolities. and the drawings would only get soaking wet.