Sunday, 3 May 2009

Never mind the Stalinism, where are the songs?

Mick Hartley on Pete Seeger, who is another day older today.


Oscar Grillo said...

Brecht wrote: Shall we sing in the dark times?...We'll sing ABOUT the dark times.

kellie said...

Mick Hartley's phrase "false niceness" fits my experence of listening to Pete Seeger, though the only recordings by him we have in the house are on a Smithsonian Folkways compilation for children. There's a marked contrast between the robust directness of the selections from other artists on that CD and the sentimental earnestness I hear in the performances by Pete Seeger.

Of course there's no link between musicality and moral or political virtue. For example my son Bo is currently learning a tune composed by Henry the Eighth!