Monday, 24 August 2009

Whiteman gets crowned

Grasping for coherence after a number of nights filled with fever dreams left my mind as fragmented as the scattered shards of a HE shell, I was much comforted by this Cartoon Brew post and its appended comments, all of which achieved a major reassemblage of human knowledge on matters of music and life, built on the basis of barely three minutes of ancient two-colour cartoon animation on the subject of the controversial crowning of band leader Paul Whiteman as ‘the King of Jazz’.

The portrait of Mr Whiteman at top is a detail from my illustration for a CD titled The Chesterfield Arrangements, featuring recordings by The Metropole Orchestra of arrangements of Raymond Scott tunes. These arrangements were originally created for Paul Whiteman’s orchestra.

Another detail from the art posted earlier here.

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Oscar Grillo said...

Wonderful...The Prince of Whales!...Bix Beiderbecke loved him.