Monday, 7 March 2011

De Poezenkrant goes tabloid

In a further sign of these beastly times, that venerable Dutch periodical De Poezenkrant (The Cat Newspaper) has followed the current trend of the newspaper trade and adopted a tabloid format. Published irregularly since 1974, De Poezenkrant was a pioneer in the popular cat journalism market, but has recently been squeezed by today’s new technology lolcats and kitten bloggers.

Pay and conditions for staff at the paper are reported to be amongst the worst in the industry, and the management continue to resist attempts to unionise the workforce, describing them as lazy, unreliable, impossible to organise, with no sense of loyalty, and only interested in eating and sleeping.

De Poezenkrant is published by PoKra Publications, Pet House, Postbus 70053, 1007 KB Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They have a website, but no telephone. The current issue is priced at five euros. Earlier issues are even cheaper.

Designer Piet Schreuders has assembled a very nice Flickr set of images from earlier issues.

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