Sunday, 6 March 2011

“Trusting someone is the first step to being defeated”

Two Egyptian bloggers write on Friday’s protests at Alexandria’s State Security HQ, Egypt’s equivalent of the Stasi:
Z…space, State Security downfall, Alexandria, 4-5th March 2011
Egyptian Chronicles, The fall of the State security kingdom in Egypt ‘Alex’

A selection of videos at EA WorldView.

Photos by Sarah Carr of citizens inside Nasr City State Security HQ.

Lots more photos by citizen investigators online, of mountains of shredded paper, of underground cells.

Update from today’s EA WorldView live blog:
1740 GMT: Many reports are coming in of the Egyptian Army firing shots into the air and chasing and beating protesters outside the State Security Headquarters at Lazoghly in Cairo.

There are also reports of "thugs" assaulting protesters from the other side. Demonstrators are trying to regroup in Tahrir Square.
More from Egyptian exile Aimée Kligman, Egypt's Amn Al Dawla security police turn on Egyptian civilians.

Added Monday 7th, a summary of events with photos and links at Global Voices, Storming State Security.

On Flickr, recovered documents from the State Security office at Amn El Dawla.

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