Monday, 28 July 2008

Frame by Frame Fun

This has been some of the best fun we’ve had in a long time. My son Bo and daughter Peggy, along with their cousins Maisie and Beattie, did a bunch of drawings for this stop motion film, a birthday present to their maternal grandparents. There are a couple of drawings by their friends Clara and Verity in there too. I helped the children animate it, and Bo sang and played piano on the soundtrack.

The finished production was three and a half minutes. You can see just under a minute of it here in Quicktime.

The film was made with a normal amateur digital video camera, a Mac laptop, and some very easy to use (and free) animation software called FrameByFrame. Sound and editing was completed in iMovie.

We made it very quickly, with little regard for consistency in lighting or even focus, and it was an extremely enjoyable hands-on playtime.

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