Friday, 25 July 2008

Pat Plank

Pat Plank was, I think, one of the most splendid things in The Yellow Press. The other pages of this long-lost Irish periodical served well just to protect the sublime poetry and masterful draftsmanship of Seán McArdle’s creation when rolled up in the inside pocket of the jacket, or lovingly preserved under the mattress.

Above, from issue no. 3 of The Yellow Press.
And below, from issue no. 5.

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Pat Plank copyright © Seán McArdle 1992, 1993. 


Paddy Brown said...

Hi Kellie. I'm an admin on the Irish Comics Wiki ( ), where we're trying to gather up everything there is to know about Irish comics and cartoonists. How would you fancy joining in?

kellie said...

Sounds good - I'm in the middle of something silly at the minute - I'll have a look later this evening.

Oscar Grillo said...

Great comics!