Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Galway Advertiser

It’s not every day that Harry’s Place has a story from the pages of the Galway Advertiser, a local paper in the west of Ireland. It’s a newspaper close to my narcissistic heart as it was the first one to publish my drawings, thanks to founder and then editor Ronnie O’Gorman.

What attracted the interest of Harry’s Place was this story on poet Kevin Higgins, and his disenchantment with the anti-imperialist far left. His criticism of the Socialist Workers’ Party stance on Darfur led to this crude response, also published in the Advertiser. Read the full Harry’s Place post here.

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My own fifteen minutes in the pages of the Advertiser began with a Christmas comic strip published in 1981, when I was fourteen. Ronnie O’Gorman also introduced me to Campbell Spray, then features editor of the now long gone national daily The Irish Press, who also commissioned a Christmas strip from me the same year. Both stories were written by my mother, Dor Walsh.

Above is a drawing from a couple of years later, one of a series done to advertise a gym that my uncle was part owner of. This particular one was published at the time of Ronald Reagan’s visit to Galway. I was seventeen at the time.

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