Monday, 28 July 2008

Happy birthday Normblog

5 years, from here to here, via Euston, listening to Radio 4, reading The Guardian (one of the links on that post points to this dead end, on which more here, original article mirrored here), watching TV, reading books, listening to music, going to the theatre, and then blogging, occasionally in code, more often with great clarity, sometimes understated, on news values, on the UN, on anti-Americanism, on Rumsfeld, on self help mantras, on actors, on arrogance, on one way that bigots don’t discriminate, on apologies, on liberation, on peaceful intentions, on elections, on the unbalanced left, on torture, on Jews, on somebody’s notion of the authentic resistance, on feminism and solidarity, on executing tyrants, on responsibility, on a stone and some dead birds, on command and control, on moderate terrorists, on sorrowful Bunting, on unreasonable demands for courtesy, on democracy, on time, on discrimination and evenhandedness, on blasphemy, on the Rev. Wright, on class struggle. And that was just skimming the surface.

A rolling blog gathers more links.

(Of course I disagree with him on some points. Russel Hoban’s Bedtime for Frances? I binned it, despite my love for the art of illustrator Garth Williams. May I recommend Margaret Wise Brown’s Wait till the Moon is Full instead?)

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