Thursday, 10 July 2008

Wrong again

From BBC News:
A marriage registrar was harassed for refusing to conduct same-sex ceremonies, a tribunal has ruled.

Lillian Ladele, who said the civil partnership ceremonies went against her Christian faith, hailed the decision as a "victory for religious liberty".
They were wrong before, now they’re wrong again. If these employment tribunal decisions cannot be overturned on appeal, if employment law is so badly drafted that these decisions are legal, then the law needs to be revisited urgently.
Miss Ladele said she was being effectively forced to choose between her religion and her £31,000-a-year job as a result.
But religion is a choice. She wants to keep her job, but to do only those parts she chooses. There is no question of disability here. She has no impairment preventing her from doing the job. It’s all about her choice. That choice should be between doing the job or resigning. If someone takes on a job, they take on the totality of the job, not just the parts that suit them. In this case the job was to provide a full range of services laid down in law, not just the ones approved of by some non-governmental fan club of  long dead prophets.

See also Brett on HP.

UPDATE: Martin in the Margins tries to see both sides.

The above illustration was originally drawn for the December 1995 issue of Business Age magazine.

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