Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Fascists and the environment

The best way to fight racist parties like the BNP is to get out and vote for somebody else, anybody else. Well, maybe not anybody.

At Harry’s Place: Black Shirt! Brown Shirt! Green Shirt?

It seems the BNP membership list includes a Green Party election candidate from 2001 and 2005. More on the list from BBC News.

How will the Greens deal with this? Getting rid of one cuckoo from the nest is the easy part. Asking why a neo-fascist might feel comfortable running as a Green Party candidate could be more difficult.

Update 2: Your Friend in the North has some words to say on the list leak, while Francis is tuned in to that BBC report.

Follow up post: Greens and fascists.


Roland Dodds said...

I’m not British, but that list of vocal members is pretty large. Larger than I expected.

I may be wrong, but I would assume they have many supporters who aren’t members, and individuals who are sympathetic to their program and have never committed themselves to filling out a Party membership card.

kellie said...

I only wish more of them had filled in their hobbies. That's the most fascinating part.

A said...

The guy you're referring to says he is not a BNP member, never has been and suspects that BNP activists at his former workplace put him on the party's mailing list maliciously as a prank or harassment. If true, he's in a horrible position and deserves sympathy.

kellie said...

A, do you have a link for that?

kellie said...

From The Times, November 20th:

A spokesman for the Green Party claimed today that Mr Bessant was in the BNP not because he was a racist but because he felt they had better environmental policies.

“He formed the opinion that the BNP climate change policy was more radical than ours,” he said.

“He didn’t hold any racist or bigoted views and I believe he left after a couple of weeks. It’s amazing how little people know about the BNP.”

Mr Bessant, who ran for MP as a Green Party candidate in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, in 2001 and 2005, claims to have left the BNP soon after joining.