Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Jiri Trnka

Of the animation blogs in the mix listed on the right, Michael Sporn’s is perhaps my favourite, generous with knowledge and imagery, and broad in scope. Earlier this week he had a post on Jiri Trnka, the latest in a series on the Czech artist and animator, mainly of puppet films.

For anyone coming here for the politics, I recommend looking at Trnka’s work, and beginning at the end. His final film, The Hand, was released in the lead up to the Prague Spring, and banned after the tanks came in. You can watch it online here. It’s also available on DVD with his wonderful feature of The Emperor’s Nightingale.

Michael Sporn’s earlier posts on Jiri Trnka: Trnka ArtBuyoutThe Hand, Merry Circus, Trnka in Graphis.

And here’s an Animation World Magazine article on Trnka.

Also of interest, the DVD Cartoons for Victory contains a 1945 drawn cartoon by Trnka, Springman and the SS


TNC said...

Thanks for introducing readers to the work of Trnka. "The Hand" was dreary, depressing and moving.

czechyoself said...

I really like his work!