Monday, 24 November 2008

Normblog goes tabloid

Not quite, but in a change just as radical and disturbing, this morning’s edition departs from the long established Normblog house style and features photographs inserted in the text! Visible on the page! Not safely tucked away behind a clickable link, but actually interrupting the previously pure flow of words! Some are even in colour. Surely the Normblog tabloid edition cannot be far behind. Appropriately enough the topic of the post is the grotesquely ugly, unwelcoming, unloved Euston Station, and its fine neoclassical predecessor, demolished in 1961. What a falling off, and all that.

Above is an image of another lost masterpiece from the heyday of British railway station building, taken from The Wonder Book of Railways, published sometime in the 1920s by Ward, Lock & Co., Limited, London and Melbourne.

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