Monday, 10 November 2008

Puffin Post - scissors and glue

I saw that Puffin Books have relaunched the Puffin Post, so I’ve been having a look at a few issues from the early 1980s. This one is from 1981. The Guardian has a selection of covers online from this period, but I wanted to have a look inside the pages. Most contemporary children’s magazine layouts give me a headache, but the old Puffin Post’s playful style still looks good.

The absence of computers encouraged a direct engagement with the page. Instead of messing about with tacky effects they got out pencil, pen, scissors and glue. 

This guide to knots is a happy find - just what I need for my current project.

I wonder does the new incarnation of the magazine live up to its predecessor?

All that cutting and pasting reminded me of this, Piet Schreuders at work in Amsterdam:

Piet doesn’t limit himself to cutting up newspapers, here he is cutting up Laurel and Hardy films so that he can hear the music better:

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