Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The t-shirts they are a-changin’

Recently I had to run an errand down to the t-shirt factory over Kentish Town tube station here in London. The place was in full swing mass-producing I (heart) BO shirts, with the face of the US president elect in the heart. Unprecedented.

Above, John Campbell has some fun with new t-shirt fashions. Click on the strip for the full version. Via Journalista.

Strip copyright © John Campbell


bob said...

I saw a lovely poster in my local (New Cross, South London) Caribbean takeaway of Obama with Michelle and kids, saying "The first family of the United States". Obama is clearly not the president of just America but of the whole world.

kellie said...

Ahh, it's just like the old days when every good Irish home would have a picture of JFK on the wall, alongside the one of the Pope.

Roland Dodds said...

I see similar things in Korea, with Obama related merchandise popping up at trendy shops now. It is really something to behold.