Thursday, 9 July 2009

Naughty, naughty

Setting off an atomic bomb, that’s a bad thing to do. Which is why Irish lawmakers last year proposed a fine of 5,000 euros for any miscreant so doing. There are worse things, however. Five times worse. Such as being rude about religion. Step out of line on that one, and you’re now liable to pay 25,000 euros! What are you complaining about? The original proposal was a fine of 100,000 euros for blasphemy. Just be thankful they can’t bring in stoning.

SEANAD REPORT: DAVID NORRIS (Ind) said he was astonished that the Minister for Justice told the Dáil that legislation to criminalise blasphemy had been drawn up to make it virtually impossible to get a successful prosecution out of it. That was a very peculiar way to be drafting law.

“It is a complete farce, a nonsense and an insult to the intelligence of the Irish people.”

Mr Norris said he could not give a definition of blasphemy, but he could provide a description of it. “It’s one that we all heard and that was printed in The Irish Times . . . when that remarkable man, Mr O’Brien, a former Fianna Fáil mayor of Clonmel, said: ‘They raped me, they buggered me, they beat the sh**e out of me and the next day put the host in my mouth.’ That shows the most extraordinary disregard for God and man. That’s blasphemy! The laws were there, but they did nothing to save that unfortunate child. Let’s not have a pretence, let’s not have a farce; let’s have real and properly drafted legislation and forget all this nonsense about blasphemy.”

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