Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Summer’s promise, summer’s threat

Summer in Galway, postcards, and music by John Dog, particularly Waking Dream, Summer’s Promise, and Imperfect Strangers. The sound of days when time passed slowly.

Waking Dream:

Summer’s Promise:

Imperfect Strangers:

Added, one more for Ray: the Estoria Cinema, Galway, later called the Claddagh Palace, and now gone altogether. From Palace of Dreams, a short documentary by Hawkeye Films. (I’ve not seen it.)


Oscar Grillo said...

I find it depressing and think of Samuel Beckett's people walking around.
I can imagine that is where Winnie, the character of "Happy Days", is buried in the sand.

kellie said...

I always thought she was on Dollymount Strand, with a fine view of Dublin Bay.

kellie said...

I've just remembered a sort of, kind of, tenuous connection between the Salthill prom and Happy Days. In my teens in Galway my mother took me to see a show by Rosaleen Linehan and Des Keogh, and either before or after we spied Mr Keogh walking along the prom pictured on the postcard. Years later when I saw Happy Days at the Barbican, Rosaleen Linehan played Winnie. So now!

Oscar Grillo said...

I love what people call "coincidences".

I think that my views about those places are tinted by my South American origins.