Saturday, 29 January 2011

Good morning Egypt

Live blogging todays events: EA WorldView, BBC News, The New York Times, The Guardian.

Al Jazeera English: Live Stream.

Earlier Twitter recommendations here.

More links from Abu M, Egypt: People Who Might Actually Know What The %$#@ They're Talking About.

Marc Lynch writes, Obama’s handling Egypt pretty well.

Added, some Egypt posts from UK blogs on the anti-totalitarian* left:

Shiraz Socialist, Quilliam Foundation on secularism vs Islamism in Egypt.

Obliged to Offend, A short exchange on the Muslim Brotherhood, mentioning the AWL.

Harry’s Place, Democratic leftists lead uprising in Egypt, and What’s missing from the Egyptian streets.

* “Anti-totalitarian left?” says someone at the back, “you mean there’s another kind?” Oh yes, Jams has an example or two for you.


jams o donnell said...

Although this time Galloway isn't sneering at the protests. Bloody hypocrite

kellie said...

A hypocrite, yes. But absolutely consistent in his specifically anti-Western anti-imperialism. I'm very hopeful that on that score he'll be disappointed in how a future Egyptian democracy acts. I suspect thugs like Hamas will have more to lose from a neighboring Egyptian democracy than Galloway realises.