Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Poetry cornered

There are mere days to go ’til the close of the great Philosophy Poetry Challenge over at The Poor Mouth, the challenge being to explain to blogger Jams O’Donnell those philosophical concepts that elude his understanding, and to do so in verse so they might be more amenable to his artistic mind. But not for nothing, mind, there are worthy prizes!

My favourite entry so far is by H. insciens:
Mind is just matter
having a natter

Proceeding to the wireless, and a BBC World Service programme from November last that Jams might enjoy, The Great Palace of Verse, on the Shahnameh, the epic Persian poem written by Ferdowski in the eleventh century AD. Beyond its literary importance, it has also been a central subject for painting, as seen over here where the pictures improve with clicking.

The photo above is of a copy of the Shahnameh from Iran, Shiraz, dated 973 H / 1565-1566, from The David Collection, reproduced in For the Privileged Few, Islamic Miniature Painting from The David Collection, by Kjeld von Folsach.

Having had the very short and the very long, now a choice in-between-sized from Flesh is Grass, Mending Wall by Robert Frost, with a little on how the poem has been selectively quoted to make political points one way and the other. A little of that contest can be found in the comments to a recent post at Z-Word, Bob From Brockley Goes One State. That post is just part of a continuing conversation on borders and nations and more, beginning with Bob’s post here, and still going on elsewhere.

Finally some verse voiced to music, A Worm is at Work, sung by Dagmar Krause, tune by Anthony Moore, words by Peter Blegvad, More about them from Mick Hartley. Here’s a snip and a clip:
Like tempter’s hoof
my mind is cleft,
divided I fall,
nothing’s left -

The video was cut together by Suburbanbatherson, seen earlier on this blog with Tico Tico.

UPDATE: Suburbanbatherson gone from YouTube. More.

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jams o donnell said...

Hah ha I'm glad you have enjoyed my little challenge. H has certainly posted some absolute gems in the comment thred.

I've bookmarked the World Service page for listening a little later. Thanks for the link!