Wednesday, 26 January 2011

#Jan25 plus one

On #Jan25 plus one in #Egypt I’ve been following @bencnn, @hebalsherif, @Gsquare86, @LaurenBohn, @monaeltahawy, @Dima_Khatib, @norashalaby, @Tharwacolamus, @hackneylad, @themoornextdoor, @RamyRaoof, @weddady, and more.

The New York Times news blog The Lede, and The Guardian News Blog* have been updating through the day.

Mona Eltahawy in The Washington Post, Will Egypt’s protests go the way of Tunisia’s revolution?
The big question now is how loyal the armed forces are to Mubarak and what role, if any, they will play should the protests escalate.
Beyond the moment, Issandr El Amrani at The Arabist looks at the democracy promotion debate in the US.

Meanwhile the story of Tunisia is far from resolved. At FP, Steven A Cook on the calculations of Tunisia’s military. And from earlier in the week in The NY Times, the Pirate Party’s minister in the interim government, blogger Slim Amamou, shows himself to be a pragmatic incrementalist sort of idealist.

More links by way of Bob from Brockley.

*Added: Modernity’s cartoonist health warning re. coverage of another story on the News Blog at The Guardian.

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