Thursday, 13 January 2011

Resignation letter posted on Tunisian foreign minister’s blog

In Arabic, French, and English. Its authenticity has not been verified. The posts were linked to from Kamel Morjane’s Twitter account.

UPDATE: A tweet from Tunivisions magazine says the Foreign Ministry is denying the resignation.

UPDATE 2: A follow up post on the blog confirms it has been hacked and links to opposition activist site Takriz Extranet.

(Fake) Resignation Letter

Citizens of the Republic of Tunisia, After witnessing the recent event that our country has been enduring since December17th 2010, I declare my inaptitude in pursuing my function in a serene and objective environment as intended.

I declare hereby my official resignation from my function as a minister of foreign affairs at the Tunisian government. In a last effort to assume my responsabilities, I am asking the families of the tunisian martyrs to accept my sincere condoleances and my deep regret faced to their common tragedy. I assumed the fate of the Tunisian citizens, after marrying the daughter of one of Ben Ali’s first cousins, and was a member of the family and part of their clan. I am not proud of my own family, and in an honest declaration, would be ready to be judged in court at the same time as they will be. This will be my last service to the Tunisian citizens, in hope that with my resignation, citizens of Tunisia will be more graceful towards me and my family.

I make this decision in hope for the return of rest. I relinquish the Tunisian government to express my deep affliction and my righteous anger toward the dire management of this crisis, causing hence the death of dozens of young Tunisians. I am profoundly convinced that these are not terrorist acts, but citizens exerting their right to strike against a regime who abandoned them for two decades. For this reason, I do not deem myself a member of this oppressing and manipulating government. In a last resort to save face with the international media, the government is working hard from within to portray the protesters as mindless terrorists destroying their country and refusing any peaceful discussion. The government has hired teams of their own police in civilian attire that go around ravaging the suburbs in an effort to spread doubt and disseminate the truth about the tunisian people.

I reiterate my most sincere condolences to the families of victims, not only to the ones that passed away these four past weeks, but to all the broken families by the injustice and inconveniences caused by this clan as well.

For a free Tunisia,

Kamel Morjane

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